Pop-up Mixers

In our continued effort to build community and promote collaboration in the Creative Enterprise Zone, we are proud to launch the Pop-up Mixer initiative. Let us know you are interested in hosting one and we’ll give you a Mixer Certificate, which you can bring to either Bang Brewing or the Dubliner Pub to receive a free Growler or pitcher of beer. On the certificate are five questions to juice-up your party. Use it as an opportunity to invite a small group together: collaborators, neighbors, customers or friends—anyone who lives, works and plays in the Creative Enterprise Zone.

In return, we ask you to take a few notes to document your conversation, snap a photo of your group in action and tell us who participated. We’ll post your submissions and compile answers below to highlight the creative people and ideas in our neighborhood, with the aim of sparking further discussion and action. Email [email protected] to set up your mixer today!

What's the Collective Vision for the Creative Enterprise Zone?

How do you want to connect to others in the Creative Enterprise Zone?

  • Get to know groups, agencies, non-profits, businesses in our area
  • Coffee houses/workshops in public spaces
  • Collaborative neighborhood projects and events
  • Pull together an advisory group in different areas such as music, visual arts, small business, like SCORE for business start ups.
  • Happy hours, chats (face to face), tours of each others buildings, hmmmm.....

What could we do together to improve our neighborhood, city and culture?

  • A drop-in place for youth and seniors
  • Improve walkability/bikability—better connection past Energy Park Drive
  • Alley Beautification Projects
  • Live music venue
  • Dance/open area for community gatherings
  • Collect oral histories from older neighbors
  • Community tree house
  • A place to meet and talk
  • Landscape side streets, more flowers, people to water them
  • Music Houses for new artists (coops for music)
  • Need a community kitchen restaurant (prep and eat)
  • Communications with larger audiences including local papers and the university
  • More local mailings
  • Intergnerational events where everyone has to be polite because grandma's there!

What’s your entrepreneurial dream?

  • Own my own company
  • Something involving clay for kids
  • A community tree house so kids can be kids, and you can rent it for events
  • Temporary work places/spaces for self-employed to have desks, phones, office services, etc.
  • To support entrepreneurs and artists having access to the “zone” by bicycle—if we want to attract people who are interested in sustainability, we need to have the infrastructure—Biking lanes East to West (University? Charles and Territorial?) North to South (Cretin, Cleveland, Franklin?)
  • Open a bicycle shop
  • A greens restaurant
  • To grow herbs and raise bees for honey using the natural plantings already around the green line
  • A floating art and civic engagement center...on a river barge!
  • I would like to see the old water tower off of Vandalia Ave transformed to mark the CEZ

What creative skills do you have to share? What do you need?

  • Need a community center for arts.
  • A communal workshop for doing woodworking and repairing stuff—community use
  • Teaching clay to folks from kids to seniors.
  • Design, multimedia, songwriting, music performance, sound therapy
  • Music Performance, violin and viola lessons, dance
  • Baseball coaching

How are you creative?

  • Writer
  • Actor
  • Backyard Landscaping
  • As a potter, and as a gardener
  • I am renovating a doll house! A Doll House!!!
  • Employment counseling
  • Building “twig” furniture
  • Repurpose materials, like plastic seed bags into placemats and carrying bags
  • I can make new things out of old stuff and find new ways to do things
  • I have to be creative to figure out how to make a living and a life doing what I love