Foster Willey Sculptor, LLC


Sculpture and Public Art

Business Description


I have been creating work in the public art realm for the past fifteen years. My work encompasses large-scale projects for various municipalities and design settings including commissions in bronze, fabricated metal, pre-cast concrete, terra cotta, and stone. I am very interested in the built environment as a context for public art; where sculpture and design meet to enrich daily life.

My work as a public artist is adapted to the specifics of the opportunity. As a sculptor I am able to bring a range of design and fabrication skills to any public art project. My sculptural designs supplement a collaborative process that includes a community’s voice.

I am committed to the role of public art as the synthesis of artistic vision, community and urban design.



My work is both abstract and representational. My interest in the figurative tradition and architectural ornament is central to my artistic vision. Of equal importance is the influence of early modernists, from which my explorations into abstraction have evolved.

Animating form thru the plasticity of materials and utilizing negative space to express both mass and transparency have been the focus of many of my sculptural investigations. These formal concerns inform the symbolic content of my work, which often involves the search for an archetypal resolution. It is my feeling that these qualities are relevant in the depiction of human striving and our shared lived experience.




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